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Silly Flooding

May 16, 2010

Today I had to check out of my dorm. About the same time that I started packing things into my car, mother nature decided that she wanted to rain a lovely monsoon on the City of New Orleans. Thank god for friends who don’t mind getting a little wet in order to help you get your giant mini fridge (yes oxymoron) into the trunk of the old Ford Explorer. And thank god for SUVs. I wouldn’t have been able to leave New Orleans when I did if I had been driving a coup. Traveling 50 feet down Willow Street proved to be much more difficult than usual.
Once that river was crossed, I came to my next trial. I call it The Great Claiborne River. Cars were parked all over the neutral ground, attempting to keep out of the rising water levels on the streets beyond. A few unfortunate souls sat unmoving in the middle of the street, stranded due to a miscalculation of just how high the water would reach on their small compact cars. The stretch between State Street and Nashville Avenue was the worst to face. I had to stop and work up my courage to drive through such a mess, even with my elevated vehicle.
After that it was relatively clear of flooding, but it poured for nearly the entire 3 hour drive (yup, took me an hour longer than normal) to Mobile. I’m just very glad that I had The Great Hunt, Book Two of the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan on my ipod to listen to as I crept down the barely visible interstate. It’s good to be home, yet despite all my inconveniences of the day, I miss New Orleans. We shall meet again soon enough. Until August, my dearest!

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