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March 26, 2010

BEARS! How cool are they? So cool. My friend Evan really likes bears, and we talk about how awesome they are all the time. I even got him a book called Bear Portraits for Christmas. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: a book of portraits of bears. We both decided that if a Grizzly Bear were to fight a Silverback Gorilla, the Grizzly would win. Here’s my reasoning for it. Yeah, sure gorillas have hands and opposable thumbs and such, but they just don’t have the equivalent to the sheer force and power of a bear claw to the face. Gorillas can also use tools and such to help beat the bear, but we’re talking about a one-on-one fight in the middle of freaking nowhere (because, honestly, when’s a grizzly bear ever going to meet a gorilla?) so there wouldn’t be anything for it to pick up. Also, Gorillas are basically herbivores so they wouldn’t be used to fighting things other than more gorillas, while a grizzly bear has the potential to smack down a moose with one fell swipe. Plus in order to have the sizes of each animal proportionate, you’d be putting a fully-grown Silverback Gorilla against a pretty young Grizzly Bear. But yeah, if there’s a counter argument out there, just let me know, and I will somehow disprove it. Bears conquer all.

Anyway, I was Stumbling one day (, and I came across this story about a guy who raised a grizzly bear from a cub, and now they were best friends. I completely wish I had a grizzly bear friend. How cool would that be? Here’s their story:

I love bears.

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