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Tuscaloosa: Day 1

March 28, 2010

Why, hallo Tuscaloosa! Day 1 of my Spring Break trip, and it’s been a great time. After being on the road for four hours (and attempting to save a bumblebee that flew into my windshield and got stuck in my wipers), I arrived in T-town safe and sound. I’m staying with some friends from high school, and it was a surprise to most that I was even visiting in the first place since Henry didn’t tell anyone I was coming. For the first few hours of my visit, I watched my friends play Super Mario Sunshine (and if you read my blog about video games, you would be right in guessing that I was not at all opposed to this). Then it was suggested that we take a walk. So that’s just what we did. I did my best to document the adventure.

The goofy looking kid sitting on the log is my friend Henry. The four in the middle are Walter, Henry, Darwin (a new friend that I met that very day), and Matt. Then there was a pretty mini waterfall of which I felt the need to take a picture. Then I took a picture of Matt looking epic alongside this tiny creek.

It was a lovely adventure. I was climbing over fallen branches and jumping from rock to rock on my bare feet. I love being barefooted. It’s one of the simpler pleasures in life. And then we walked off into the sunset.


After our little walk through the woods and down by the Black Warrior River, we decided to trek to a supposed “old abandoned playground”. We walked through a small patch of woods by the road, but instead of finding an abandoned playground, we found some mysterious stairs that led down to some sort of old stone structure (I think it might have been a fountain). We all decided that it was the site of the old Druid training grounds back when Tuscaloosa was called Druid City.


It was getting a little dark by this time, so we decided that we needed to eat dinner. So we walked to a lovely little place called Hooligans. Jokingly, I have been referring to it as Hoolahan’s, so I will continue that now. At Hoolahan’s, I got a bacon cheddar burger. It was okay. Then as we walked back to campus, we headed to a lovely dorm called Mallet. It was MalletCon 2010 at the time so there was a big party going on in the basement. Instead of spending lots of time down there, however, my friends and I ended up watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone dubbed over/narrated by Brad Neely. It was hilarious. I recommend it to all. I would say it was an eventful day.

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