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Tuscaloosa: Day 3

March 31, 2010

Day 3 of my Tuscaloosa Adventure started with the usual: watching my friends play video games. Henry finally got all 120 stars in Mario Sunshine. At around 1 o’clock, my friend Manley came to pick me up, and I hung out at his house for a while. There was a really cute dog named Molly that belonged to one of his housemates. I watched him play COD: MW2 for a bit, but then we watched X-Men Origins. Pretty good movie for the most part, but there were a few hokey parts. Once it was over, Manley dropped me back off at the dorm, where I listened to Knowles and Henry plan out their next Dungeons and Dragons characters (not as exciting as it may sound). I ended up falling asleep. Then we went to eat dinner at the Lakeside Cafeteria. It was very reminiscent of my own beloved cafeteria at Tulane (Bruff Commons, what what!). After that, more video game watching ensued (Matt playing Resident Evil). I dozed off a little. Then we watch The Matrix: Revolutions. I slept through most of it. And then when the movie was over, I actually went to bed.

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