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Tuscaloosa: Day 2

March 29, 2010

Day 2 of my trip to Tuscaloosa was less eventful but still very fun. I got out of bed at about 9:30 to a still sleeping dorm. It was about 11:30ish until Matt (after doing various other things) came into the common room and started playing Resident Evil. I watched him play that for a while. Henry came tumbling into the room at some point while this was going on too. After more watching of video games, Matt had to go to a chemistry review, so Henry and I just sat and talked about the Wheel of Time Series for about an hour. It was awesome. I haven’t had anyone to do that with in forever!


The map above shows the basic world that we travel through in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Henry and I discussed how we see some of the countries. Andor (the country where the main three characters are from) is very similar to England. Tear (down in the South East) is Italy; Tarabon is a Middle Eastern-like country, possibly India; Cairhien is France; Murandy is Germany, with their thick Lugard accents; Shienar is Russian; and Saldaea is an East Asian country, not really sure which one. We also discussed how we see some of the characters, but I won’t go into that (too intense). Henry is almost finished with the fourth book (The Shadow Rising), so I wasn’t able to discuss too much with him, but that was okay. It was still fun.

After our discussion, Matt came and picked us up to go eat lunch (this was at about 3:00 PM). We went to a place called Buffalo Phil’s. I had been there before (on my first trip to T-town in August), but it was still a pretty good hamburger. Matt finished a deep fried burger, and Henry and I were both very impressed.


When we got back to the dorm, Henry started to play Mario Sunshine again. He’s going for completion. He currently has 119 stars. I watched him play that until it was time to meet up with my friend Amber. She worked with me over the summer, and it was really nice to see her again. We went to eat at The Crimson Café. It was a lovely little place, and I had a delightful chicken pesto flat bread pizza. There were some things that I found rather interesting about the establishment. For one, they had chalkboards hanging on the walls, but they had printed out and laminated menus on top of them instead of just writing the menu with chalk. Another strange thing was this large stone fountain just chilling in the corner. It didn’t really go with the rest of the décor, but I let it slide. It amused me.


After dinner, Amber took me back to the dorm and I continued to help Henry get the starts for Mario Sunshine (apparently he had not moved since I left). I was reading off blue coin locations for him cause those were the only ones he had left (if you collect 10 blue coins, you can trade it in for a star). He made it up to 199 stars, but Knowles and Collin had come over so we could go to Midnight Breakfast, so he stopped playing and we left. Midnight Breakfast was exactly what it sounded like, except we went at about 10 o’clock. I went around and got the food that I thought I wanted and sat down the rest of the time. It was very much like a Bruff experience (the cafeteria at Tulane). I saw my friend Will there as well, so I talked to him for a bit (someone else that I worked with over the summer). It was a lovely event.


Once everyone was done, we walked back and watched The Matrix: Reloaded (Knowles had never seen it before).

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